Life Coaching+

A modern, holistic approach to life coaching that will help you stand out in the field, all in just 12 weeks.

A modern, holistic approach to life coaching that will help you stand out in the field, all in just 12 weeks.

Start Date: September 30, 2024

Duration: 12 weeks, 5-8 hours/week

Bonus: Business Course ($1,197 value)

Start Date: Sept. 30, 2024

Duration: 12 weeks, 5-8 hours/week

Bonus: Business Course ($1,197 value)

Become a mindbodygreen Life Coach
You'll graduate with a modern, mind-body approach that will set you apart in the market and prepare you to build a successful business.

What Sets Us Apart

Approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching.

Value: Everything you need to become a potent coach so you can begin coaching clients in just 12 weeks.

Approach: A breath-of-fresh-air approach to coaching that offers real-world examples from leading coaches and behavior change experts, all with a mindbodygreen holistic approach.

Benefit: You will gain the practical knowledge and skills you need to work as a coach—without fluff or filler—making our program the modern, efficient way to become a life coach.

Average starting salary for a
Life Coach
— Glassdoor

added benefits

Alumni Program
20 hours of annual education for ongoing support and development.
Live, interactive training sessions
Access to coaching mentors and industry experts
Business training: Marketing, pricing, client acquisition, group coaching
Complimentary Business Course
Develop the confidence and entrepreneurial skills to build your wellness business
Free Access to Introductory Business Course ($1,197 in value)
8-week online training, weekly for 90 minutes
Earn 32 CEUs from ICF
Available after graduation from mindbodygreen’s Life Coaching+ Certification
Week 1
Introduction To Life Coaching
  • Welcome to the Program
  • What is Coaching?
  • How is coaching different from other professions?
  • The mindbodygreen Approach to Well-Being
  • Peer Coaching: Wheel of Well-Being
Week 2
Coaching Presence
  • Maintaining Professional Behavior
  • Creating the Alliance: Domination vs Collaboration Paradigm
  • Creating Rapport
  • The Coaching Agreement
  • Peer Coaching: Practice Coaching Session I
Week 3
Models of Change
  • Listening to Yourself & Your Client
  • Self-Management Tools
  • Authentic Expression
  • Mind-Body Skills in Coaching
  • Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness
Week 4
Communication I
  • Introduction to Active Listening
  • Powerful Questions, Paraphrase/Reflections, Deferring Judgement, Body Language
  • Mindful Listening
  • Mindfulness Tools & Mindful Coaching
  • Peer Coaching: Active Listening
Week 5
Communication II
  • Use of Silence
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Making Links - Values, Strengths, Past Experiences
  • Expanding Questions
  • Peer Coaching: Making Links
Week 6
Goal Setting & Taking Action
  • Scaling
  • SMART-Goal Setting, Action-Planning
  • The Neuroscience of New Habits
  • Peer Coaching: Practice Setting SMART Goals
Week 7
Accountability & Measuring Progress
  • How Do We Measure Progress in Coaching?
  • The Five Points of Mindful Accountability
  • Navigating Feedback & Client Trackers
  • Peer Coaching: Practice Accountability Tools
Week 8
Working with Assessments I
  • Introduction to Assessment Tools
  • Working with Assessments for Clients
  • Working with Self-Assessments for Coach Improvement
  • Peer Coaching: (1) Self-Assessment Tool & (1) Client Assessment Model
Week 9
Working with Assessments II & Powerful Tools
  • Working with Assessments for Clients
  • Working with Self-Assessments for Coach Improvement
  • Peer Coaching: (1) Self-Assessment Tool & (1) Client Assessment Model
Week 10
Legal & Ethical Guidelines
  • Ethics & Professional Conduct
  • Cultural Awareness & Humility
  • Management of Triggers & Boundaries
  • Assessing Conflicts of Interest
  • Ending the Coaching Relationship
Week 11
Building a Coaching Practice
  • Business Tools
  • Integration in Various Fields
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Professional & Personal Development Plans
  • Peer Coaching: Coaching Client on Professional Development Plan
Week 12
  • Coaching Lab I
  • Coaching Lab II
  • Preparing for Final Exam
  • How to Build a Coaching Business That Serves Others While It Serves You

Graduate Testimonials

Here's what our former students are saying
"This program has really helped me feel confident and relevant in this field.
Without all their careful work and dedication, I would likely have moved on to something else by now. I never considered myself a ‘coach’, but I now have such a deep reverence for this method and really believe in myself."


mindbodygreen Graduate

"I grew so much as a coach, but also as a person during this program.
Regardless of whether you want to be a coach or not, this program will teach you how to relate to and listen to your fellow man in ways that will enrich your life. Jump in. No fear."


mindbodygreen Graduate

"This program has been so beneficial to my growth and ability to assist others on their wellness journey.
Learning from professionals in the field and connecting with like-minded individuals was an honor and a gift."


mindbodygreen Graduate

This program is for you if:

You want to start a career in coaching this year.

You’re a recent college graduate who wants to be a coach

You’ve had the good fortune to have a brilliant coach yourself and have often thought “I wish I could do what they do” during your sessions

You’ve been looking for a more modern approach to life coaching

Everyone in your life tells you that you’re a great listener and they always feel better after talking with you

You want to change careers and become a coach helping others transform their lives

You are overwhelmed by all the options, certifications and accreditations in the life coaching industry and want something simple, powerful, and effective from a trusted name that will help you get the training you need to start helping others

You’re already working with clients in some capacity and you want to expand your offerings, your impact and your client base

You're retired and seeking a rewarding second career in health coaching.

What makes mindbodygreen institute best in class

fund your future


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Become a mindbodygreen Life Coach

Graduates of this program will stand out in the coaching field as certified mindbodygreen Life Coaches and can begin making an impact with their clients in just a few months. This modern approach to what it takes to be a potent coach with a thriving coaching practice is efficient and effective.

Efficient design takes just 12 weeks to complete.

Our program is cohort-based with asynchronous content that is supplemented by two live sessions each week.

Combines online videos, live sessions, and real-time practice to maximize learning retention.

This program weaves together theory and practice through asynchronous instruction combined with interactive coaching triads & live office hours to ensure practical application of theories so you leave this program with real-world knowledge and skills in how to coach clients.

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Expert Faculty
Holistic, Whole-Person Approach
Complete in 4 Months
Real-time Coaching Feedback
Business Mentorship
Alumni Program
Includes Introductory Business Course
($1,197 value!)
*class is taught separately.
There are no live sessions on Mondays.
Watch this week’s pre-recorded lessons and review reading materials.
There are no live sessions on Tuesdays.
Watch this week’s pre-recorded lessons and review reading materials ahead of
tomorrow’s live session.
Attend a 90-minute live session with faculty and students on this week’s topic: Self-Regulation & Listening for Stage of Change
This live session is known as a 'Coaching Triad.' You'll be able to practice coaching in real-time with faculty and peers.
Attend our second, 90-minute live session of the week with faculty and students.
This live session is an opportunity to ask questions and interact with faculty and peers. Faculty provide guidance, feedback, and support to help students develop their coaching skills and confidence.
TGIF! No live sessions on Fridays.
Take the weekly comprehension quiz before logging off for the weekend. (Optional) Connect with other students via our online community platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a life coach and a health coach?
Life coaches help someone navigate their passion and purpose with personal and professional goals. They may incorporate areas of focus representative of health coaching, such as stress management tools and highlighting the importance of healthy habits like diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep – all in service of helping their clients build a vision and a mindset for their future so they can confidently step forward into that future. In this way, life coaching has some overlap with health coaching, but life coaching is strictly centered around personal and professional goals. Life coaches work with their clients on career, relationship, business, financial, spiritual, somatic, mindset and purpose-driven goals.

A health coach, by contrast, will always tie back to the foundations of health in their work with clients. Being a health coach requires additional, specialized training so that health coaches have a depth of knowledge around physical movement, chronic diseases, nutrition, sleep, and other healthy habits that will improve health outcomes for their clients. A health coach can fill in the gaps of physician-patient care and follow through.

There are foundational differences in life coaching vs health coaching. While there is a bit of overlap, the lens from a life coach vs a health coach is very different.
Is this program accredited?
While life coaching is not a regulated industry, accreditations can help provide new coaches with a network and additional training and support as they establish themselves in a new career.

Many of the oldest accreditations have become unwieldy and require the coach to spend thousands of additional dollars annually to maintain affiliation, while offering limited support, guidance, and networking activities. We believe that can and should be different! As such, we are in process of becoming AC, BCC and IAC accredited so our graduates may pursue a range of post-graduate support as they wish - all in addition to the 20+ hours per year of ongoing education all alumni receive, at no additional charge, once they graduate.
What sets mindbodygreen’s life coaching program apart from other programs in the market?
We believe everyone who wants a brilliant life coach should have access to one.

We believe everyone who wants to become a brilliant life coach should have a program that has been designed just for them -  a program that meets the moment.

We believe life coaching is ready for a refresh, a modern approach that includes neuroscience, evidence-backed tools, meaningful dialogue about what it takes to actually change and how to help people achieve the change they seek – whether it’s in their career, relationships, mindset, spirituality, finances or overall life direction and goals.

Enter our Life Coaching+ Certification. This program will not limit you to “staying in your lane” but will ensure you are a behavior change expert once you graduate. It’s a life coaching certification, yes. But we think of it as Life you’ll be limitless in how you apply these tools so you can help others in a way that is uniquely you.  

In just twelve weeks, you will learn the foundational principles of behavior change, how to setup and nurture the coaching relationship with your clients, and how to help your clients tap into their own resilience for transformation, all with a unique mindbodygreen twist to ensure you approach every client from a holistic, whole-person lens. 

This is the life coaching program that we wish existed…so we made it!
What support and resources are available to graduates after they complete the program?
Our Alumni Program provides graduates with twenty hours of annual education for ongoing support and development. We offer focused learning sessions every 6 to 8 weeks for alumni across a range of topics to help you become a deeply impactful coach. Alumni also have the opportunity to learn from and get real-world insights and inspiration from industry experts and successful life coaches. Many topics covered during alumni education sessions help our coaches build their businesses, including marketing, pricing services, finding clients, incorporating group coaching, and more.

To further support alumni in building their own businesses, we offer a free business course that is designed to help you awaken to your true calling as a coach or entrepreneur, discover your creativity, reprogram your mindset for success, connect with a supportive group of like-minded coaches, overcome fear, and step into your power and confidence to create abundance. mindbodygreen graduates can enroll in this business course at no cost and earn 32 CEUs from ICF.
Are there any technology requirements to participate in the program?
This course takes place online - through streamed video, live instruction and downloaded materials. Students must have the following:

- Good internet connection
- Laptop & Zoom account (free)
- Familiarity with Zoom
- Printer access

Kindly note that Zoom is required for recording your practice sessions (a prerequisite for all board-approved programs) and the recording feature is not supported on mobile or tablet devices. A laptop or desktop computer is required.
What is your refund policy?
Refund requests up to 14-days after purchase will receive a full refund, less a $250 administrative fee.
Refund requests up to Week 3 of the Life Coach Certification will receive a 75% refund, less a $250 admin fee. No refunds will be granted after Week 3 of the program.
Request Syllabus
How It Works

A week in the life of a mindbodygreen Health Coach Certification student

Get a glimpse into a week in the life of a Health Coach Certification student. Below, a peek inside week 12 of our program.

During this week, we cover how stress affects the body and how a health coach can productively cope with stress—both for themselves and their clients.


There are no live sessions on Mondays.

Instead, you can watch this week’s pre-recorded lessons and review written reading materials ahead of tomorrow’s live session.


Attend a 90-minute live session with faculty and students on this week’s topic: How stress impacts the body and what to do about it.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the three stages of stress response, mind-body practices, and how to eat for stress reduction.


There are no required live sessions on Wednesdays.

(optional) Attend a ‘Coaching triad’ to get real-time coaching practice with faculty and peers. You’ll practice leading clients through a ‘Stress Brainstorming exercise to assess and reframe how stress manifests in their life and help them navigate responding to stress effectively.


Attend our second, 90-minute live session of the week with faculty and students.

This time, you’ll learn about the body’s response to stress across the digestive, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems.


TGIF! No live sessions on Fridays.

Take the weekly comprehension quiz before logging off for the weekend.

(Optional) Connect with other students via our online community platform.